Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life fly's when you are seeing double

The title to this post pretty much says it all, time has flown by so quickly I have to look at the calendar to see how old the twins are. They have more than tripled there birth weight and are starting to sit on their own. Not to mention smiling, laughing, giggling and today A grabbed a toy from me for the first time!

It is hard to think of A&K as seperate people, but they are so incredibly different. We are thinking they where physically conceived about a week apart, making K more preemie than A explaining the time difference in their developement.

A is such a quite peaceful and fat baby, who likes to just sit and watch the world as it goes by, unless he is hungry. Then instead of crying, he bitches. Almost like talking, but long whiney complaints. He also prefers the vibrating seat t o any other "baby holding device" that we have. He hasnt had any medical problems at all, besides trouble holding his temp and feeding issues right after he was born. He is a daddies boy, and they snuggle all night long. His favorite food is definitaly prunes, he will NOT eat pea's or carrots. He also sleeps a lot better than K, we are thinking it is the weight and developement difference. He will sit while we hold his hands for balance, and if he is feeling adventourus he will stand for a few seconds as well.

K is not so quiet and not so peaceful, he cries about anything and everything unless I am holding him. He has just started to come out of his shell and laugh and giggle at other people besides me. Look up Mama's boy in the dictionary and you will see a picture of his, worried look in his eyes because Mama is out of the room. When he is tired, over stimulated, hungry, or just tired of not being held he will scream and scream. Not just baby crys, long, drawn out, turn his face purple tears of sadness and lonelyness. He refuses to sleep in the crib, only in bed snuggled up next to me. We all sleep better this way. When he was born he had trouble breathing and had tested positive for some bacteria, so was hooked up toa c-pap for a couple days and anti-biotics and fluid for the first week and a half of his life. Then two months later he developed a hernia, and shortly there after had surgery *one of the scariest moments in my life* He is about four to five pounds smaller than brother and about an inch and a half shorter. His favorite foods are carrots and bananas. He will sit just like A, holding our hands for balance. He will stand better and a lot longer than A. We think its because of the weight difference.

That's them, two very different babies. I was pregnant with them at the same time, they where born within minutes of eachother, but are two different people. Just siblings that happened to be born on the same year and day.

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