Saturday, January 29, 2011

Covered in puke by Noon

I am covered in puke.




And it is not even Noon yet.

Not looking forward to what the rest of this day holds for me.

Or what A and K hold in their little stomach's for me.

Arent I supposed to be doing something?

Ahh… Yes. Packing.

BUT I DON'T WANNA! I am feeling childish today. I want to go ride bikes on this rare sunny day in Oregon.
I want to walk to the Co-op in my heel's. Just so I can complain and get a foot rub later.
But most of all…. I want to go max out my Victoria's Secret credit card.
Welcome back saggy not full of milky goodness mom boobs.
When will I be able to afford the boob job I so long for?
How does never sound? Ha! Hubby is stuck with the Mom Boob Monster forever. I do believe it is a load of shit when he says he loves my body just the way it is. Twin Skin and all.
Actually… I am pretty hot. Just BTW. Put a nice push-up bra on me, and some skinny jeans and I could pass for… Well… Not a mom of 3.
Oh… Wait… I have to get rid of the perma-puke smell as well. That's NOT going to happen. It seems to be seeping out of my pores.

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