Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Recipe Box - Shepherds Pie

After a long week, I am ready to settle down this Sunday and cook dinner with the girls. After an hour or so of scouring the internet for some great recipe, I decided we would my shepherd's pie. The wonderful thing about my shepherd's pie is that there is no recipe. I follow the basic guidelines of what to put in, then I add or delete what I want.
Here are the basics:
Ground meat mixture-
Ground beef
Diced Carrots
Black Beans
I usually cook the meat, then add whatever frozen vegetables I have in with it. The sauce is a little tricky. I just add a little at a time, until it tastes the way I like it. I know, not very helpful. But this is a cooking adventure. It ends up being about a tablespoon of Worcestershire, a couple tablespoons of catsup, and about an eighth of a cup of mustard. When you are done with the meat, fill the bottom of a glass dish evenly.
The potatoes are pretty simple, boil, mash, smear on top of meat.
You can eat it right away, or you can cook until the top is golden brown and a little crispy. To each their own. It depends on how much time until dinner we have at our house, or if I am preparing it for another day I won't cook it.
Ok… I am drooling. We might have an early dinner tonight.

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