Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Another Thursday Morning


It is just another Thursday morning here at my house. My soon to be EX-House. We are officially moving into our own little teeny 500 square foot apartment. Going to be clipping coupons to save my life, doing our own haircuts and no more Hollywood showers. It is going to be tight trying to get by, we have done it before so why would we not be able to do it now? The big bummer is, no washer and dryer. It will have to all be done at the laundry mat down the street. But it is a sacrifice we are willing to make in order to get out on our own again. There is nothing like being able to have noisy sex!! And oh! I cannot wait to have that back! That and wandering around naked in my own house! Oh, to feel a breeze again ;-)


But in all seriousness, I am semi pro at moving, I have done so more times than you can count on any limb or ligament of your body, pack up the shit we need and throw away everything else. It's a good cleansing that is needed every once in a while. Moving or not. D's room will be the last to tackle. It scares me. I think that if the Boogey Monster does exist, he will be hiding in there. Our room is easy, clothes and more clothes. I am a bit of a clothing hoarder. I LOVE clothes, and don't want to part with any of them. I might wear it again someday! I have enough sense to get rid of all but one pair of size 0 jeans. In hope that someday I will be able to squeeze my size 3 ass into them. The rest of the house will not be as easy. Sorting our stuff from Mom's will be a hard task. It will be like getting divorced. Mine and yours, or yours and mine. No one knows.

I have to get to it soon, or else it will be chaos trying to get it done in just a few days. I am going to start by… Well… Getting off of here.




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