Friday, April 22, 2011

I am doing it!

I officially did it! Well, Am getting it done. I am starting my non-profit or not for profit. Sustainable Parenthood of Oregon. Sound pretty?

You know how I absolutly LOVE charities as they have helped me tremendously in the past? They only help a certain 'type' of people, low income or parents under a certain age. That does not pertain to SPO. It is open to anyone with a child that has a specific need.

I am brilliant!

Very brilliant!

HOly $!! - Swearing is good for you!

Finally, someone, somewhere has come to there senses! Swearing is good for your health! I pulled this from my local newspaper. I think I might celebrate with a few fucks and shits!

"LOS ANGELES — You know how you yell and curse and say bad things when you drop a hammer on your foot or burn your hand on a stove?
No need to feel bad about it, says a 2-year-old study from the journal NeuroReport that’s been making the rounds this week. Swearing actually helps reduce the pain you feel.
Researchers from Keele University in Staffordshire, England, asked test subjects to put their hands in icy cold water, and see how long they could stand to keep them immersed. (This is a common practice to test pain, because it leaves no mark and does no physiological harm.)
They then had the study participants either say a swear word or a neutral word. They found that those who invoked foul language were able to withstand the pain better than those who kept it clean.
The researchers think that swearing induces a flight-or-fight response, and thus, “nullifies the link between fear of pain and pain perception.’’
This doesn’t mean you should let loose indiscriminately, though. The effect worked best for people who did not swear often."

Wait... I have seen this on Myth Busters. God I love that fucking show!  :-) So next time you stub your toe, or step in the shower before you test the water, go ahead. Swear! Curse! Make you self feel like a 1950's sailor!