Monday, December 12, 2011

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Child With ADHD - Feeling Alone

Is it wrong of my to feel incredibly alone in this diagnosis?

My 6 year old son has been struggling in school, and through the help of his teacher, school councilor and pediatrician, he has been diagnosed with ADHD.

That in and of itself is not worrisome. We have dealt with his "driven by a moter" behavior for as long as I can remember. Recently, we have put him on a special diet; excluding certain dyes, preservatives and drastically lowering his sugar intake. We have also started him - Through his pediatricians recommendation - on melatonin to help him sleep better at night. I can tell you right now, the diet has not worked. Although he is healthier for it, it has not helped his mood or behavior. As we are only on day three of the melatonin, I can not tell you if that is working or not, just that he is now ready for the world to start at 3AM.

My trouble comes with his Kinder teacher. The pediatrician recommended that the school and I work together to get him on a IEP - Individual Education Plan. When I mentioned this to his teacher as an option; I got shot down. She told me that D does not qualify for this program. I told her I am not currently willing to place him on a medication as it is not interfering with his learning capabilities, just his behavior in the classroom. She then told me that if I am not willing to proceed with medication, there is nothing more that the school can do for my child.

I then called my pediatrician, frustrated to high hell with what is going on. He told me via the nurse that I was talking to at the time, to take it to the principle and the super. I did just that. I emailed the principle and told her that D's teacher and I are not seeing eye to eye on what needs to be done. That I am not willing to put D on any type of medication at the moment. My husband goes through this and because he is an adult, he copes with the side effects such as sleep deprivation, loss of weight and irritability. But why in my right mind would I put my child on these drugs?! A six year old should not have to deal with the extensive list of side effects that come along with a drug that simply inflicts better behavior so that his teacher who has a full class has one less child to worry about.

Half of my wants to shake my pediatrician and tell him to tell me what to do. But he told me the choice is entirely up to me. And then I want to smack his teacher for making me feel like I have an inadequacy as a mother for not putting D on these damned medications.

I just feel lost. Is anyone else dealing with a child with ADHD? Do you have any tips or tricks on how to handle a school that is not willing to handle my child?

Thanks for listening to me rant :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Heelys Black Friday Special !

Little D is a bundle of energy that can not be contained. He has so many toy's that his room is going to cave in from the sheer weight of it all. That's why we appreciate Heelys. They turn a much needed item, into something a little more fun. Or in D's case, another way to make Mommy's hair turn grey.
Heelys are a brand of tennis shoe that allows the wearer or in our case the wearers parent to remove or put in a  small wheel in the heel of they shoe. With the wheel in they can be treated like a pair of roller blades. Take the wheel out and Ta-Da! A normal pair of shoes that your kid can go into Safeway with. * I can tell you now, they are not to friendly about skating kids * Very cool for a change up from the normal bike and skates. They also have double wheeled shoes and a new thing that may just have to go in the stocking this year called a Nano. Instead of describing it, here is a picture.

The Nano is an "Inline Footboard" that snaps on to the bottom of any pair of Heelys. Nicer than the single wheel and great for some outdoor play! 


Heelys is having an AMAZING Black Friday Sale! Between November 25 and November 28 if you buy any pair of Heelys the second if only $25.00!! Or.... * The is my favorite * Buy a Nano and get a pair of shoes for only $25.00 AND get FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! 

Some great links from Heelys to check out - 

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SHOP! - Where you can find there AMAZING Black Friday Deals!

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This was a sponsored post. Although I did receive compensation, other than stated fact, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seattle Was Amazing

After spending nearly a week in Seattle, I got home sick when I got home. Word to the wise, do not leave your  hubby in charge of cleaning the house while you are gone. I had left dishes in the sink, toys on the floor and a few loads of laundry to be done. In the five day's that I was gone, the dishes started to tower out of the sink, the toys somehow gathered into a tower worthy of tripping every opponent that walks through the door and the laundry crawled out of the hamper and spilled on the bathroom, bedroom and living room floor.

As soon as I walked through the front door I wanted to run back to my perfectly clean hotel room with room service and cry. Maybe go on strike until the house is actually clean. Now I am not a neat freak. I will let the dishes sit while I spend time with my children and I don't mind toys and a few dirty socks. I feel like spending time with my family is much more important than a spotless house.

Anywho... Back to Seattle...

First, as I had mentioned before, we had stayed and the Silver Cloud on first street. Amazing hotel, AMAZING food and AMAZING service. Just do not order the Egg's Benedict unless you like citrus, because the cook over does it. The room service came from the hotels restaurant Jimmy's. I can not gush enough about how delicious the food really was.

Fast forward two nights and we get a strange knock on our door, it was the room service asking us why are we still here? Apparently my dear Mommy forgot to book us for more than two nights using Priceline. Silly Mommy. So she went and booked us a night at another fantastic hotel - Hotel Max. It was an amazing hotel with some very weird quirks. She booked us one night, and we stayed. People complained that the twins cried to loud and it being near sixth, we heard every car alarm and siren that went off that night.

The next day we where pretty burned out and decided to stay another night and leave Sunday morning. So we went on Priceline again and went through the bidding process again to find another nice hotel. Hopefully something a little more quiet. We got a 3 star hotel for $80.00 a night. Fantastic! When we went to look up the hotel so we could check, we tragically found out the fantastic "3 star" hotel was on Aurora. Everyone from the Seattle area either does know or should know about the prostitution and drug use that this street is known for.

Usually Priceline is the way to go. But we lost a little over $100 dollars that we will NOT be getting back because Priceline does not know that a nationally recognized 3 star hotel would be put in the center of prostitute alley.

So we came home. It was a long midnight drive. But it was nice. Three days later and here I am. Missing the crap out of Seattle and the calm that was me while I was up there.

Wordless Wednesday - Pensive Baby

Food for thought? 

Friday, November 11, 2011

All Out Nurseries - Dream On Mama!

sw_nursery.jpgOne of my nearest and dearest has six weeks until her final baby is born. While she is crossing off the days on her calender, she is in the hardcore nesting faze. Everything HAS to be PERFECT for her sweet baby Ava. As an apartment dweller like myself, we both oohed and aahed over countless nursery ideas while painfully stuffing cribs, swings and bouncers into whatever corner that they may fit into.

While there are a lot of cute things that you can do while in an apartment... Here are some of my "dream on sister" favorites for us to drool over.

First up - My favorite - Rocky's Star Wars Nursery. Complete with a Wampa rug.

Thanksgiving Leftovers - What To Do?!


Leftovers are a huge problem at my house. Every night while I am cooking dinner, I dread finding another spot in the fridge to pack away the leftovers that too often go to waste. Thanksgiving brings a lot to be thankful for; family, food, tradition and more food!

When I stumbled apon this brilliant recipe, I thought - instead of using fresh ingredients, why not use leftovers?!

While I plan on mixing the turkey and stuffing to creat the bottom layer, the original recipe calls for turkey meatloaf. I am not a big fan of meatloaf.

These are super perfect for picky eaters, because they look like cupcakes making them more fun to eat!

You can find the original recipe over at Fetette Blog.

My version is simple, pile up the leftovers in whatever fashion you please!

Mine goes *from bottom to top* -

Turkey and stuffing mixed with a tiny bit of gravy
Green bean cassorol
A dribble of gravy

Bake at 350 until reheated or lightly browned potatoes.

YUM! I will be pre-making these thursday night for a quick dinner after all that exhausting black friday shopping!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let The Vacation Begin!

This afternoon I got to do something I have been waiting to do for a few weeks.... Walk around Seattle. My Hubby and I often have an argument over how real of a color my favorite color is.

It usually goes something like this.

Me: Ohh... I wish it came in my favorite color.
Hubby: It does.
Me: That is NOT Seattle gray.
Hubby: It say's right here - "Seattle Grey".
Me: Again... That is NOT SEATTLE GRAY!
 ... Hubby just stares at me like an idiot while I continue to rant about some color that can not be duplicated.

Anyone who is from Seattle will agree with me. Seattle is a beautiful color. The Puget Sound and the overcast sky combined with the beautiful silver, grey and blue building make this amazing color.

But my vacation is dwindling and I have spent it doing everything besides relaxing. I have been on "vacation" for almost two days now. Most of yesterday was spent driving to Seattle. Then today I was lucky enough to go to the Activision Games For Girls Summit, which was a blast! Now I am just laying in my super comfy bed, watching a super big TV in our super nice hotel room at the Silver Cloud Hotel. I may have to get off of here and check out what is supposed to be nothing but amazing, the roof pool!