Friday, November 18, 2011

Heelys Black Friday Special !

Little D is a bundle of energy that can not be contained. He has so many toy's that his room is going to cave in from the sheer weight of it all. That's why we appreciate Heelys. They turn a much needed item, into something a little more fun. Or in D's case, another way to make Mommy's hair turn grey.
Heelys are a brand of tennis shoe that allows the wearer or in our case the wearers parent to remove or put in a  small wheel in the heel of they shoe. With the wheel in they can be treated like a pair of roller blades. Take the wheel out and Ta-Da! A normal pair of shoes that your kid can go into Safeway with. * I can tell you now, they are not to friendly about skating kids * Very cool for a change up from the normal bike and skates. They also have double wheeled shoes and a new thing that may just have to go in the stocking this year called a Nano. Instead of describing it, here is a picture.

The Nano is an "Inline Footboard" that snaps on to the bottom of any pair of Heelys. Nicer than the single wheel and great for some outdoor play! 


Heelys is having an AMAZING Black Friday Sale! Between November 25 and November 28 if you buy any pair of Heelys the second if only $25.00!! Or.... * The is my favorite * Buy a Nano and get a pair of shoes for only $25.00 AND get FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! 

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This was a sponsored post. Although I did receive compensation, other than stated fact, all opinions expressed are my own. 

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