Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seattle Was Amazing

After spending nearly a week in Seattle, I got home sick when I got home. Word to the wise, do not leave your  hubby in charge of cleaning the house while you are gone. I had left dishes in the sink, toys on the floor and a few loads of laundry to be done. In the five day's that I was gone, the dishes started to tower out of the sink, the toys somehow gathered into a tower worthy of tripping every opponent that walks through the door and the laundry crawled out of the hamper and spilled on the bathroom, bedroom and living room floor.

As soon as I walked through the front door I wanted to run back to my perfectly clean hotel room with room service and cry. Maybe go on strike until the house is actually clean. Now I am not a neat freak. I will let the dishes sit while I spend time with my children and I don't mind toys and a few dirty socks. I feel like spending time with my family is much more important than a spotless house.

Anywho... Back to Seattle...

First, as I had mentioned before, we had stayed and the Silver Cloud on first street. Amazing hotel, AMAZING food and AMAZING service. Just do not order the Egg's Benedict unless you like citrus, because the cook over does it. The room service came from the hotels restaurant Jimmy's. I can not gush enough about how delicious the food really was.

Fast forward two nights and we get a strange knock on our door, it was the room service asking us why are we still here? Apparently my dear Mommy forgot to book us for more than two nights using Priceline. Silly Mommy. So she went and booked us a night at another fantastic hotel - Hotel Max. It was an amazing hotel with some very weird quirks. She booked us one night, and we stayed. People complained that the twins cried to loud and it being near sixth, we heard every car alarm and siren that went off that night.

The next day we where pretty burned out and decided to stay another night and leave Sunday morning. So we went on Priceline again and went through the bidding process again to find another nice hotel. Hopefully something a little more quiet. We got a 3 star hotel for $80.00 a night. Fantastic! When we went to look up the hotel so we could check, we tragically found out the fantastic "3 star" hotel was on Aurora. Everyone from the Seattle area either does know or should know about the prostitution and drug use that this street is known for.

Usually Priceline is the way to go. But we lost a little over $100 dollars that we will NOT be getting back because Priceline does not know that a nationally recognized 3 star hotel would be put in the center of prostitute alley.

So we came home. It was a long midnight drive. But it was nice. Three days later and here I am. Missing the crap out of Seattle and the calm that was me while I was up there.

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