Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week... Will be better!

This week will be better - This has been my mantra all day. I am not ashamed that I need to say I need a VACATION from parenting! I love my children. I love my husband. I love my home, but I just need a dammed break!

This last week was not only chaotic, but tragic. The twins are biting, hitting and kicking nonstop. Try changing a diaper not even two weeks after having surgery and getting kicked in the stomach. Repeatedly. My oldest son broke the oven. I can't bake anything, so our food budget sky-rocketed because everything I have at home I would have to cook in the oven.

Not to mention it has been muggy and warm for the past week. At the end of last summer I prematurely donated my summer clothes that had gotten too snug. Now, I am left with heavy jeans and sweat pants.

All in all, I have been a pretty cranky Mama for a week. I have positives for this week though. I am going to my favorite hot shopping spot - The Bins. Which means I do get a day off. It also means I MUST get all the laundry done before I bring any more home.

I have an appointment, which gets me away from the children for a few hours.

AND! I get to go grocery shopping. I love LOVE LOVE grocery shopping. Don't ask me why. I just do.

What else... It is a new month :-)

It is almost Mother's Day :-)

My Husband is fixing our oven :-)

I may get a little something, something ;-)

We are working on potty training :-)

I am doing laundry, and I love the smell of clean laundry.

That is about it.

Oh... Except I have started doing yoga. It hurts my back, but I love how relaxed it makes me feel.

Friday, April 27, 2012

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Biting 101 - I Know NOTHING!

This is what happens when you try to take an iPhone away from K.

Eeek! One kid biting, I could handle. But the twins go at each-other like a pack of hungry wolves. The toys as prey. One pounces before the other and all hell breaks loose in the play room. Screaming. Hands flailing. The teeth are bared and ready to bite and CHOMP! An ear piercing scream rings through the house, letting me know that one of the twins has failed in his attempt to win over the prey as his own. 

What to do?! I have read advice all over and have been given first hand advice about how to bite them back or just ignore the negative behavior and it will subside on it's own. These may be hopeful for parents of singletons but, as a mother of twins this has given me false hope. How will me biting them curb there appetite for flesh. They already know it hurts like hell because they do this to each other. Also, it is impossible to ignore the behavior. When one bites the other, the bitee screams; giving the biter attention.

I will not do soap. 

Time-out has not worked so far.

"NO! We DON'T bite!" - This works for one twin momentarily. The other, he just gives me a sadistic giggle.

I am left to praying that they will outgrow this over nap-time. That they will wake up these new and wonderful children that go back to snuggling and dancing. Instead of biting and wrestling. I am sick of the bite marks and bruises.

But what am I left to do other than remain hopeful that this will go away?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quiet Time.

What a day!

I slept in, which is never a positive thing. Then not even an hour after everyone was awake, my baby shocked himself! Luckily it was not that bad.

When we moved in to this apartment, the living room base-board heater never worked. Never has, and never will. The cover plate had gotten kicked off in the chaos of the morning leaving what at first glance looked like a covered wire. NOPE! The end was completely bare. I thought I could just tuck it back in and close the plate, but it started sparking EVERYWHERE! Naturally, I was in a panic. Luckily my girlfriend was over for coffee and play time, and she helped my coral the children while I frantically flipped every breaker I could, called the landlord and watched the wall like crazy all day just waiting for it to spontaneously com-bust.

Now here we are. Electrician is coming tomorrow. Kids are safely asleep, and I have learned a whole lot about children getting shocked. Luckily it was a tiny shock and nothing as scary as it seamed this morning. Just enough to scare him and me.

On the positive side, my Chicken Slurp turned out amazing as always. This time I used fettuccine noodles instead of macaroni, making me a little more slurpee for the kids. They got a lot of enjoyment from it.

But now, as I type this, it is my quiet time. The twins are in bed and D is enjoying his well earned computer time as am I. I may indulge in a few Private Practice re-runs until the hubby gets home. Then he is all mine!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's In A Name?

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Really though... Being recently married I have been given the option to change my last name. My last name never felt like it was mine to keep or discard. Never something that has defined me. Now that I have the option to remove it, I want to cling to it with every bit of my being. 

I have had two last names growing up, my given and my mothers ex-husbands. I was never given a choice in the matter. There is also my mother's biological mothers name and her biological fathers. Not to mention my biological fathers.  I have never identified with these. Will I, if I change it, identify with my husbands last name? It's not a horrible one. Just awfully German. Something I am definitely not. But I am also not a *bob* or a *fish*. 
So what am I?! Who am I?! Will it change my entire existence as I know it? Will it make me feel closer to my husband? Or is it part of an ages long tradition that started as a sign of ownership? 

The sane part of me just wants to do it and get it over with the names *bob* and *fish* where hardly even mine. The crazy "be your own woman" part of me wants to say screw tradition. I was ready for marriage. Ready to commit. Ready to tell him how much I love him and make a promise in front of family and friends. But what is wrong with me that I want to cling on to a name that was never really mine to begin with.

I am a nameless child. I started out as a *bob* two years later I was a *fish*. But I came from neither of those. I came from *tom* and *car*. Would that make a difference? If I had been named after my father? Or would it make me want to cling to it harder? 

So here I sit. Paperwork in front of me. Waiting for me to tell it what to do, and I still can not make up my mind.

Oh, but I took the first step and changed it on Facebook. Can't that make it official enough?

Picking Up The Pen

What a day!

What a life!

I am now *officially* a married woman! After more than six years together, it is about dammed time!

My hubby *Hopefully* has a new job!

Which means, I can *probably* stay home and get back to blogging and Mama time!

I will be out this weekend, I have surgery tomorrow morning. Something I have to put on my big girl pants for and do on my own. No panicking. On. My. Own.

More on that later...

But it seems that although I have taken a hiatus, I still have some wonderful sponsors and more wonderful blog posts to come!

Keep an eye out :-)