Friday, April 27, 2012

Biting 101 - I Know NOTHING!

This is what happens when you try to take an iPhone away from K.

Eeek! One kid biting, I could handle. But the twins go at each-other like a pack of hungry wolves. The toys as prey. One pounces before the other and all hell breaks loose in the play room. Screaming. Hands flailing. The teeth are bared and ready to bite and CHOMP! An ear piercing scream rings through the house, letting me know that one of the twins has failed in his attempt to win over the prey as his own. 

What to do?! I have read advice all over and have been given first hand advice about how to bite them back or just ignore the negative behavior and it will subside on it's own. These may be hopeful for parents of singletons but, as a mother of twins this has given me false hope. How will me biting them curb there appetite for flesh. They already know it hurts like hell because they do this to each other. Also, it is impossible to ignore the behavior. When one bites the other, the bitee screams; giving the biter attention.

I will not do soap. 

Time-out has not worked so far.

"NO! We DON'T bite!" - This works for one twin momentarily. The other, he just gives me a sadistic giggle.

I am left to praying that they will outgrow this over nap-time. That they will wake up these new and wonderful children that go back to snuggling and dancing. Instead of biting and wrestling. I am sick of the bite marks and bruises.

But what am I left to do other than remain hopeful that this will go away?

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