Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Parent Enhancement Program

I didn't know what I was getting into when I found out I was pregnant. The realities of being a single mom hit me full strength when my son was born. The best day of my life. But still the scariest. Pep set me up with the confidence I need to be a wonderful single mom. When I joined Pep I was about eight months pregnant. In the two short months before my son was born they set me up with everything that I needed to be able to take care of him. A crib, blankets, clothes, a car seat, a bouncer. Everything that you can imagine.
When my son was nine months old I found myself in a bad situation and he went to live with my Aunt. In short I fell hard in the three months that he was gone. Amanda and Nancy helped me pick up the pieces and set me up with everything that I needed to be able to be a mother again.
Over the past three years I have had countless rides to the doctors, referrals to furniture share, toys and clothes. I have shed more tears and had more laughs in there office than I can count. It helps to know that there are always people there that will support me without judging and be there to back me in my decisions as a mother. Through the classes and the emotional support they have provided they have given me the courage it takes to deal with the daily struggles of being a single mom. I could not have made it where I am today without them behind me. - 2007

I wrote that a few years ago for a dear friend at the Parent Enhancement Program. I was only 18 when I had my first son, and the world scared the crap out of me. But with there help, the world wasn't such a scary place anymore. I am constantly trying to promote them, get donations for them, basically doing anything that I can to help out. With my review program this year, I am also going to donate whatever items I get after they are reviewed to either The Parent Enhancement Program or Vina Moses - Another organization that has helped me in the past. Both of these programs have been struggling in this economy, having too many families that need there help. I figured that donating these items is the least that I can do. If anyone has any questions about either of these programs email me - jdsmyrf3@yahoo(dot)com 

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