Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Habits of Happy Moms - Update

 This week I have been working on the 10 Habits of Happy Moms starting of course with habit 1, to take time for myself. I will tell you that is something almost impossible to accomplish in this household. I managed to do it a few times, dumping the kids off on Hubby and taking a meaningless drive. Just me and the radio with no where to go. That was amazing. Coming home I felt like a whole new me, relaxed and ready to take the day on! I also took a few "Hollywood" showers. I never thought of bathroom time as alone time but there is a lock on my door that prevents little children from scampering in. I put that to good use this week. I did get a couple bangs on the door but overall I think the kids get the gist of it. Just that little bit of alone time this week has done me wonders.

A happier mom means happier kids. And I am willing to go to extremes for my children so why is it so hard to go their for myself?

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