Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cry It Out - Morning #1

For those of you who know, or had just read my last post, we are doing the Cry It Out method. It is the only way that seems logical and will work for us and our family. Last night was night #1 and was hell on earth here in our little house. The twins slept like usual. I woke them up at about eleven to get them fed and into pajamas and laid down in the temporary port-a-crib in D's room. I wrapped the twin's favorite blanket around the mattress, no chance of suffocation. Laid them down, kissed them and waited for tears. There were none! I had felt so accomplished! They were happy! I blogged about it, and went to sleep fairly quickly. *thank you Ambian*

Fast forward to 1am - I woke up in a panic wondering where the babies had disappeared to. Realizing that I am crazy and they were to my amazement, still asleep. I dozed back off.
2am - I HAD to peek. I just had to. They are still alive right? WHY ARE THEY NOT WAKING UP!?!?!
2:30am - The screaming begins. And does not stop. I feel like a horrible mother. Why is Hubby not waking up and feeling like this? I kicked him in his sleep. F$%ker. I want so bad to go rescue them. But I dose back off.
4:30am - I woke up to more screaming LOTS of screaming. Wanted to go rescue my babies. I decided it's now or never. I have to stick through this.
6:00am - My alarm went off to let me know it is time to wake up and get the twins. But there was no screaming! They were both sound asleep. Re-set my alarm for 8:00am
8:00am - Still no screaming. I decided to get them out of the crib, wake them up and feed them. I put them in bed with me and fed them. Now they are sleeping soundly in my bed.

Normally they are wide awake and bright eyed this time of day. Playing, laughing and giggling. I don't know if I should wake them up or not. If I do, I may have some seriously cranky babies on my hands. But if I do not, I am worried that their sleep schedule during the day will be messed up, effecting the night time routine and sleep.
Gosh parenting is hard.

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