Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cry It Out Day #4

Ahh… Yes. They CIOM really does work! I am officially a believer. The babies are sleeping through the night! And the best part… THEY ARE HAPPY IN THE MORNING! This morning, I laid in bed. Waiting for them to start crying. Trying to figure out if they were alive or not from a room away. When I finally mustered up the energy to crawl out of bed, I found them in the crib smiling and talking to each other!
How wonderful to wake up to happy babies! After a change and a bottle they are now in the saucer and jumper still talking to each other. Tomorrow I am turning on the monitor to see if they are still waking up to play, and what time. Then the next step is getting them to nap in the crib instead of either on me or in the swing. I am assuming this will be harder than letting them CIO during the night.

Oh how friggen cute. A just fell asleep in the bouncer. I wonder how long they were awake for this morning? Well… I should get him into the crib for his nap. What happened to never move a sleeping baby?
My day starts here… A lot to accomplish for moving. The 18th seems so far away, but I know it will come sooner than later and we are NOT ready. This will be harder than the last move. I was four months pregnant with the T's. No help at all. Now that we have them here… It is a little more complicated than just not helping.

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