Monday, January 24, 2011

Cry It Out - Night #1

Tonight is the big night. We are letting the twins cry it out. After many hours searching the internet on what to do and how to do it, I finally took the advice of a dear family friend. She is a wonderful little old french lady that was a NICU nurse before the NICU even existed. She said in her sweet, deep accent "let them scream". She told me it could take up to three weeks, but eventually something just clicks and they start to sleep.

I was going to do it one at a time, first let Aaron go. He is almost sleeping through the night anyways but wants mama to snuggle. Kay still sips a little at night, but no more than four ounces over an eight hour period.

So here we go, another crazy adventure in parenting. This one is on me. If they where sleeping through the night I would love for them to still be in our bed. There is something so preciouse about sharing a bed with your children. My Mommy, my Sisters and I all shared a bed, and sometimes still do. Co-bedding or "The Family Bed" is something that is too oftern looked down apon. It's a shame that being close with your family in every aspect of life can be shunned.

Pff! To each their own and damnit I am doing it my way!

Here is to the first night, hopefully all is well in the morning and I will still feel like doing it again tomorow night. Hopefully they do not wake me through my ambian haze that is kicking in as I am posting this.

I should shut dowm as it is getting harder to type and the screen is seeming to run away from me!

Praying for my twins, that they will live through a night of terror. Well, terror for me. But pray that we are happy healthy and alive in the morning.

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