Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The famous Boppy!

So I am sitting here, hands empty, actually able to type! Why is this a big deal you may ask? MY TWINFANTS ARE SLEEPING! Oh my gosh. Is it possible?! Both at the SAME TIME! I would take a picture, but the flash would wake them up making this post useless. The Boppy is amazing. They fit perfectly in it and feel like they are being held. Toss a blanket on them and a binky in the mouth and TA-DA! Off to dream land they go!

--- On a side note, what to infants dream about? My son who is 5 just started to tell me about his dreams and they are pretty off the wall. Huh...

Anyways... Anyone who has a baby should have one of these! The only downside is they are meant for a breastfeeding support pillow. I have never been able to use one as that. Its just awkward. My arm works just fine.

Ten Hoorays for the Boppy!

( Oh and I am talking about the original Boppy. Not the crazy new ones they have. )

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