Thursday, October 28, 2010

After Surgary

So we are finally home and relaxing from our surgery vacation. That was one of the most terrifying things I have had to do as a parent. Doernbecher was amazing, and treated us all so sweetly.

We got to the hospital and where admitted at exactly 9:19, eleven minutes early. Went upstairs to surgery, and waited. And waited. And waited. I lost it completely and cried and cried when a family came out from the surgery prep area, and they where all bawling. The mom was talking to her friends ( Yes I am a snoop ) about how her daughter is not OK with this, and that she is old enough to know what is going on and is freaking out. I looked at Kaydon and felt this pull that I am sure only mothers feel, I would protect this baby with every fiber of my being. And I realized that part of protecting him is making sure that the surgery was done. When we where finally called back into to surgery prep area by our very sweet nurses assistant who assured us all that they do this daily, and everything will be fine. They took his temperature, blood pressure, and weighed him ((*YAY* He is up over 7 pounds! He is still a skinny minny and in preemie diapers though. I wish I had some cloth's to put on him. But I can't find any :-(... )) Gave him the cutest baby gown with blue lions and it said "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!" all over it. ( Yeah I am a bitch. We took it home ) Then we waited. And waited some more. Finally the nurse came to talk to us about the procedure and asked if we had any concerns. Hell YES! I told her that I understand Doernbecher is a teaching hospital, one of the best. BUT I do not want some half wit student working on my baby, and then I expressed my concerns with the anesthetic, and his eating afterward (( We worked DAMNED hard to get him to 7 pounds! )). She could not really answer any of my questions. That made me pretty mad. But when the surgeon came in to talk to us, he made me feel a bit better. He had to explain everything about ten times because all I was hearing was "Danger Will Robinson, danger!". Then the anesthesiologist came in, and I told him what happened to my Mom's partner. He said that is a freak accident, and that Kaydon will be monitored the entire time by him, and then afterwards he will be monitored by a nurse for an hour or so before being sent upstairs to be monitored over night.

And that's exactly what happened. They let me walk him to the OR doors. Kiss him, tell him that I love him always. Then they sent me back into the pre-op area to wait. About an hour into it I told Kacey I had to leave. I can't handle this and I have to get out of the hospital for five minutes. I called my Mommy to give her and update, and came back up. While I was gone the surgeon had come in to tell Kacey how it went, and give us pictures of the inside of Kaydon's stomach ( Yes, those are going in the baby book.) and let us know that someone will be right out to take us back to Kaydon. Yeah, that didn't happen. Ten minutes later I could hear him SCREAMING through the doors. Well I marched my 5' nothing red-head ass to the nurses station and said "My son's surgery is over, I can hear him screaming. I need to go see him NOW!". Now I am normally SO mild mannered. But I was ready to brawl if she told me no. She is lucky she did not. Lol.

So by the time she took Kacey and I back to see him, Kaydon had already calmed down. He did not look like my sweet baby. His face was very swollen ndahe looked like the was in pain. When I was given the go ahead to pick him up, just moving him the slightest bit, he would scream and scream. I felt so bad, so I just laid my head next to his and whispered in his ear that I loved him and everything would be ok. The nurse had to give him a little bit of morphine before she sent us up to the 9th floor where we would be staying over night.

So a little back story, Kacey had a teratoma tumor when he was born and had to spend a lot of time at Doernbecher having surgery and being monitored. And then as soon as he got sent home, he got an infection and had to go straight back. Well while we where in the post-op area, Kacey started freaking out and had to leave. Later he explained to me that he got this eary feeling like he was looking at himself and just could not handle it.

Finally when we got upstairs, they hooked up my baby to the monitoring machines, and we settled in for the night. It was very un-eventful. He was never put on oxygen, they did need to put a little a couple inches away from his face because his oxygen saturation was a little low. But we got to go home bright and early in the morning.

We are struggling a little at home, he is still in pain and the Tylenol is not cutting it. He does NOT want to be put down. So I have been holding him since we got home yesterday. And when I do pass him off, he wakes up and whines until I can pick him up again. Ahh.. There is nothing like a Mama's love! He has not been nursing very well, so my boobies are VERY full of milk. They are used to supplying two babies. And now, they are supporting one. And he won't eat enough! Lol.

Well I have to go change some diapers, and feed some babies.


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