Saturday, October 9, 2010

What would you do with three days of found family time?

Wow... What a heavy question. I found this on a blog earlier and thought I would reply.

Would I want to not change anything and just go about my day as if it where every day and just be extra careful soaking up the moments?

Would I bring back loved ones that had past away and spend the days with them, being sure etha tthey where there last?

Would I want to smush all the happy moments in life into three days, or keep the negative there too?

It is such a heavy and hard question to answer. And what exactly does found family time mean? I am finding family time right now... I am sitting in our living room with my son Aaron in a Moby Wrap, my sister Katie hold Kaydon, and Chelsea my youngest sister. Just chatting. About our day, about life, about being complete bitches. I wouldnt trade this moment for anything. Well... Maybe just one drag off of a cigerette. Even a cheap one. Good GOD please?! Ok.. Craving over. It will always be that knawing sensation at the back of my head. I should have never started.

Back to family moments... I think that is what our memory is for. We store away the special moments, whether they are good or bad *Yes special moments are the bad ones too* they are there for us to remember. And when we go senial, it is just us trying to hold on to what was.

So... With my three days of found family time, I would do just what I am doing now. Maybe minus the computer and add my other son and some other family members. And I would just sit back and soak it up. I know that this wont last forever. But it is a wonderful thing while it lasts.


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