Monday, October 4, 2010

Graco DuoGlider Stroller

Hate it. Enough said. There are good and bad though. If I had gotten the chance to try it first, I would have not bought one.

Holy crap thats a big picture. But so is the stroller. Lets start with the Pro's...

It fits both carseats on top
It has a large basket that will hold the BIGGEST of diaper bags
Cup holder
Key/wallet/odd enclosure
Fits in the back of a truck
Pretty good turn radius
Very easy to close
Cute patterns available

Ok... Here go the Con's

Very hard to push in a straight line.
Not built for short people to push ( I am 5' )
Shaky when pushing
Does not fit in the trunk of a Taurus, or a Cavalier
Hard to open
Front seat does not lean back far enough for an infant
Will only work properly with Graco carseats

Now there are a couple odd things too, the handle bar that is covered in foam is pretty standered. I dont know if my five year old was picking at it, or what happened. But it is starting to come apart. This has only been used for no more than 6 weeks!

After owning this stroller, I am going to look into getting some sort of compact double stroller.

If they make them.

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