Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally 15 minutes!

My goodness... Finally both of the babes are sleeping, my son is distracted with legos, the girls are at school, and Nana and Kacey are at work. QUICK! 15 minutes to shower! And I am choosing to blog?!


A shower seems like TOO much work right now. I should load the dish-washer. And finish carving the pumpkins. And what else? The list goes on. But DAMNIT. I need these 15 minutes to myself.

I think Kacey is a little annoyed with me. He tried SO hard to... Well... Bed me ;-) last night. And I was entirely TOO tired. I fell asleep in the middle of trying. How awful is that! I would be furious if he did that to me! But I am the one with the boobs. So I am the one that wakes up with the twins at night.

On another note, pray for us tomorow. Kaydon goes in for his surgery at 9:30 tomorow morning. I have been a wreck for two weeks now. How are they going to put my precious baby to sleep, slice him open and him still be ok?! I know he will be, Doernbecher at OHSU is an amazing facility, that is pediatric only. So they only focus on the babes. Plus the hospital has an AMAZING view of portland. Not that an amazing view will ensure our son's health. But it's still nice?

Ok... See. 15 minutes. Up.


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