Monday, October 18, 2010

Cloth Diapering: Day 3

Well a couple day's ago I decided to start cloth diapering my twins. Strike that. I decided to cloth diaper my twins before they where born, but up until now they have not been big enough!

Well it is making my little Aaron VERY angry. I think he liked it up until he tinkled in it. Then he started screaming like CRAZY! Other than the cranky baby thing, this has been SO much nicer than disposables!


I am being a lot nicer to the enviroment! Ahh.. Miss Mother Nature! I appreciate your 80 degree day's in the middle of October!

I wish I could find my card reader so I could post a picture! Aaron looks like he is swimming in the diaper.
Too cute. Oh, and I may think it's easy because they have not poo'd in them yet. They have been waiting to go in the disp. at night. Lovely. Not sure how to deal with that. But I will when the time comes.


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