Monday, October 18, 2010

Ahh... Tis the season for tracking down that perfect gift for that special kid.
A lot harder than you think. I have been trying and trying to find a gift for my son that has it all.
Educational and something that will actually entertain him.

Good luck, right?!

Well I came across Ebeanstalk  And their site has it all laid out PERFECTLY! Very easy to navigate.

Great for those grandparents who don't know what to get for what age group *Hint Hint Gma!*

Here is what they have to say:

Have you ever been looking for perfect baby toys, but had to search through millions of kids for older toys before finding one that' appropriate?  Or vice verse?  Ebeanstalk knows how frustrating that can be and have designed their website to make your shopping as easy as possible.  Not only do they provide the best baby and kids toys, but you can also search specifically for toys for 2 year olds or toys for 3 year olds.  Are you looking for the best toys for 4 year olds?  Not a problem!  At ebeanstalk you can find toys for kids as old as 12! 

For once a website is actually simplified for shopping for kids.

For Example..

My son is 5. I clicked Toys for 5 year old boys and it came up with 23 pages of toys for 5 year old boys. BUT here is a cool part. I get to narrow those down, I chose Pretend Play Toys and that narrowed it down to 6 pages of pretty cool toys.

Clicking through the site right now, it would be nice if we could narrow it down by getting rid of certain toys. Maybe an option for non-violent, or to pull up specifically sports related play.

So back to my gift picking adventure! I clicked on Dragons and Reptiles and yeah it is a pretty cool toy. Looks like something my son would enjoy.

So here are the reasons I do not like buying things online. The product descriptions, well, they suck. Usually it is this toy measures such and such and weighs this and is this color. Well I know that by looking at the picture!

Ebeanstalk does something pretty cool. Along with a real description of the toy, mentioning what the toy actually does, they sneak in there how this toy helps your child developmentally! 

Moving on to check out, it is pretty standered. I can chose the quantity of the item, what kind of shipping, etc.

Right now they have a promo, if you spend 50$ you get free shipping. Great deal if you are getting some holiday shopping done early.

Overall I would give this website a 9/10. It is missing some things, but I couldn't ask for better toy recommendations for age groups, and the fact that they have the developmental segment on each toy kinda blows me away.


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