Monday, October 11, 2010

TrueCare Review

So I was VERY excited when I received a free six month trial of TrueCare. FINALLY! A way to monitor my bonus babies online activity without feeling, well... like a foreign undercover spy on a covert mission impossible.

I signed up as quick as possible. That was easy enough, enter a user name, password, kids email and facebook info, the TaDa! You are set up. There are several other things that you can do.

Here is what they say their service provides

"Identify potential dangers
Open a dialog with your children about their online safety
Know what is going on in social networks and how to watch for trouble
Moniter you child's social networking pages 24/7
Identify patterns of inappropriate or troublesome postings
Locate registered sex offenders
Keep up to date on the latest statistics, articles, and reference materials
See who your child's "friends" are
And, most importantly, develop a relationship with your child based on mutual trust, caring, and

Now there are several things I thought of while reading through there website after setting up.

I know how to identify potential dangers, I have had several conversations with my bonus babes about their online safety, I am social network savvy, and am friends on all their sites. Finally I know where the sex offenders are because I already have that bookmarked!

So in conclusion, I do not recomend this for any who also has a profile on any website that is linked to their childs.

I do recomend, seriously, sitting down with yur babies and asking about their day. Simple as that to open a dialog about their lifes. They may not respond at first, but they will eventually.


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