Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kettenpom Murders

People lead secret lives, you can know the "teddy bear giant" and think of him as the kindest man in the world that would not harm a fly. When I heard the news, it sent my world spinning. I do not personally know Mas or either of the victims, but am close with people who do. I have heard several things about both, ranging from "teddy bear giant" to "I was afraid I would have been next" *regarding Mas*. To Sky being the kindest person who just wanted to make a buck doing what he was apparently good at *growing*.

Hearing people in my community putting blame on the deceased and injured hurts me. It makes me want to run far away from Oregon and the delusional people that reside here. Yes, Sky and Kristine where dealing and growing drugs. This by no means makes them bad people, it just means they don't value laws and knew they were putting their lives at risk. But please don't victimize the guilty.

Trinity County Sheriff's Press Release -

On March 13, 2011 at approximately 4:45 pm the Trinity County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center

received a phone call from Humboldt CHP Dispatch regarding a female subject who had called

911 asking for help. The 911 call was made from a cell phone so the call went to the Humboldt

CHP Dispatch Center.


Due to Kettenpom being such a remote town a responding Deputy contacted near-by residents

James and Norma Gund to obtain information regarding the female caller who had called the

Humboldt CHP Dispatch Center.


A short time later the Trinity County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center received a 911 call from the

Kettenpom Store requesting medical for Norma Gund who had been stabbed. A second 911

call was received several minutes later from the Kettenpom Store by James Gund stating that

he had been stabbed and needed medical also.


Medical was dispatched and Deputies responding to the Kettenpom area received additional

information that there were possibly two additional victims at a residence in the Kettenpom area

near the airstrip.


In an interview conducted by Detectives with James Gund he stated that he and his wife Norma

Gund went to check the residence of victim Kristine Constantino. Norma Gund went up to the

residence first. James Gund heard some commotion coming from the Constantino residence

and went to the house to find suspect Tomas Gouverneur attacking Norma Gund. Gouverneur

attacked Mr. Gund as he entered the residence. Mrs. Gund fled the residence and got into her

personal vehicle and drove to the Kettenpom Store. Mr. Gund was able to take the knife from

Gouverneur and left the residence on foot. While Mr. Gund was enroute to his residence he

observed Gouverneur leave the Constantino residence in a teal green vehicle with Oregon

plates. Once Mr. Gund reached his residence he drove himself to the Kettenpom Store in his

personal vehicle.

Victims James and Norma Gund were transported to Garberville Hospital via ambulance. James

Gund was released from the Hospital on March 14, 2011. Norma Gund was transported to UC

Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California for surgery relating to stab injuries and is listed

in stable condition at this time.


Once Officers arrived at the residence, two victims Kristine Constantino and Christopher

Richardson were located in the residence and both were deceased. While Detectives, Deputies

and the California Department of Justice were processing the scene of the Constantino

residence they discovered evidence of a marijuana operation.


Information received from victim James Gund indicated that the suspect had fled the area and

was possibly driving a teal green vehicle with Oregon plates. This information was relayed to the

surrounding counties and CHP.


Some time later Mendocino County Sheriff's Office attempted to stop a vehicle that matched the

description of suspect Tomas Gouverneur's vehicle. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop and

a vehicle pursuit was initiated. The pursuit was ended when Gouverneur's vehicle crashed on

Highway 101 South. Gouverneur was pronounced dead at the crash scene.


On March 16, 2011 Trinity County Sheriff's Office Detectives and the California Department of

Justice travelled to Ukiah, California to attend the autopsy of Tomas Gouverneur. It was

preliminarily determined that Gouverneur died of blunt force trauma to the head, however

toxicology results are pending. Later that day Trinity County Sheriff's Office Detectives served a

search warrant on Gouverneur's vehicle and located evidence linking him to the crime that

occurred in Kettenpom. Located in the vehicle was identically packaged marijuana which was

also located at the residence in Kettenpom. The marijuana was packaged for sales. Also

located in Gouverneur's vehicle with the bag of marijuana was cash. Other items of evidentiary

value were found in the suspect's car and on his person. These items are not being release

due to an ongoing investigation.


An autopsy was performed on March 15, 2011 for victims Kristine Constantino and Christopher

Richardson. The cause of death for both victims is pending the pathologist's report.


Victim James Gund has identified suspect Tomas Gouverneur as the person who stabbed him

and his wife, Norma Gund.




Anonymous said...

I have been blown away by this case as well. Having known the suspect, I am particularly taken aback from the shock. As I read your words about not victimizing the guilty, and not attacking the victims, I can understand your point- from what information has been released, it must seem pretty clear cut. But as a human being who is still processing this madness, I cannot help but go through some denial in my grief, whether or not well-founded. I don't want to accept what might be true- that Tomas could have done what he is accused of doing. I do not want to accept this, yet I know that in the coming weeks, we may have to. But at this stage of our grief, as friends of the suspect, many of us will continue to run the evidence through our heads, hoping that somehow we will see that the story is more complex, that these murders were not simply the act of a psycho killer that was hibernating within our friend- that he was not the only "bad guy." Please understand that this is a natural reaction and a natural stage of grief. There is much to be learned from the information not yet available, and there are many questions unanswered, whether or not the case is clear to readers, whether or not our friend was the only guilty member. So we wait, and we wait, and we cry, and we hope. I send my regrets to you and yours that these events went down- to your community I send my respect, my thoughts, and attention. To you I send my sympathies, as well, for you must be going through something like but different from what I am going through. Having read your words, I genuinely wish you better times. I hope to have some myself soon. May we all sleep as well as we can. And may we rest easier in the coming weeks, as will be difficult. Please take care, and thank you for sharing your thoughts- all processing is incredibly important for everyone right now

Anonymous said...

Friends of Mas on the east coast are experiencing the same sense of shock and denial. Unfortunately the community is not openly expressing or extending their deepest sympathy to the victims. In fact many want to censor any discussion of the crime. My heart goes out to the Gunds, Sky and Kristine's families. Please share any additional reports on this case. For me the truth is far more comforting than ignorance. The lesson here is everyone is capable of committing murder. Please keep us updated Jessica and thank you for reminding everyone to stop blaming the victims.

Anonymous said...

I know that his Atlanta friends are having a celebration of his life. That is so inappropriate at this time. He committed double murder and this bullshit that it wasn't him is delusional thinking. He was identified by the two survivors, they provided a description of his car, he was spotted in the car, and he fled and was killed eluding authorities. You know his blood is on the victims and theirs on his. It is as if the victims are collateral damage to make his friends soothe their conscience. They know he was dealing quantities, probably buying from him, and they know he killed these people. Why not have a party for OJ or was someone on the grassy knoll? The Atlanta people should at least recognize the victims before treating him like a Saint. It is disgusting especially when this group talks about love, nonviolence and the Dali Lama. So much for Unitarianism!

From/Kettenpom/In/Hawaii said...

Hello there Jessica, My name is Jessica as well :) I was raised in the little community of kettenpom. I just wanted to express my feelings about this tragedy.
First of all I want to let the family and friends of "mas" know how sincerely sorry I am for their loss. They too lost a loved one, and through all of this we can't forget that very true fact.
As I said I grew up in this small community. My family has lived there since 1986. We know everyone that resides there and everyone knows us. My dad plows the roads and driveways for people who are "snowed in". I mention this because this is the kind of community it is, everyone is quick to lend a hand for others and are glad to do so. That is why Mr and Mrs gund were glad to help when they were contacted by the dispatcher. Not to mention that is just the kind of people they are. I have known both of them since I was a child and I have spent alot of time with them. Mr Gund is a horseman and I was active in the local rodeos. He took me to my first parade and rodeo in Garberville and let me ride his pony "Romper". Also Mr and Mrs gund are first responders (two of many) in the community. They are WONDERFULL people. You dont find many in the world today that would do the things they do for others.
Kristine and Sky hadnt lived in zenia/kettenpom for long. The woman that lived in the house before them lived there for a very long time. I have spent time in and around that very house.
Just three weeks before this happened my mom and dad recieved a call from kristine, she said she was snowed in and was asking if my dad could come the short distance from his home to hers and plow her out with his equipment. He was glad to do so and was able to ablige. He met both Kristine and Sky. He described them as kind soft spoken people.
I cant begin to express my feelings about this. It is just horable. I pray for the families and I have spoken with several people and the Gunds are doing well and will recover, atleast physicaly. This is a wound that cut deep emotionaly and will take a very long time to heal. The community supports the gunds 100%. I pray for everyone involved.
If I were there and recieved that call, I would have dont the same thing that they did. I would have gone over there and tried to help. This could have happened to ANYONE in that community because I can only think of a few people who would not have responded in the same way the Gunds did. I Pray for EVERYONE who has suffered a loss. I would hope that others can follow my example and quit being childish. Quit pointing fingers and throwing out unsubstantiated accusations at people who are suffering a loss and grieveing for those lost.