Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Fever


Spring is arriving here in Oregon the only way it knows how. Rain and lots of it. In the last few days we have had enough rain to fill and over flow the ditch in the back yard, So I am sitting here feeling like one of those poor kids from The Cat In The Hat, wishing for something to do. Looking around at my house I know there is plenty to get done, but my creative juices are flowing.


I have a few spring reviews and giveaways to get done and am sending out sponsor requests for my "Summer Fun 2011 - Best toys of summer 2011 guide". I am excited for this as summer is my favorite time of year ( Aside from Christmas of course. ) My fondest memories stem from camping trips with the family and picnics with Mom. There was something so freeing about summer as a child. I miss the simple feelings and the simple toys. Jump rope and bicycles or those funny slip on roller skates.


I am expecting a lot of fun at my household this summer and cannot wait to share!

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