Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About


I am an avid reader of and while reading this morning I came across a hilarious *well to me anyways* article; "20 Things Moms Should Never Feel Guilty About". While I was reading through the list I realized that I have done most of these and have never felt guilt or too much guilt about any of them.


( -- We could probably come up with about 200 things to not feel guilty about, but then we would just feel guilty about never feeling guilty at all. This list will give you the general idea of what kinds of not-exactly-maternal feelings are within limits, and what childcare chores you can cheat on now and then.

1. Wanting to stay home with your baby.

*Who does not want to stay home with there baby?! I secretly hold the fact that I can over my hubbies head. This he will never know.*

2. Loving your job

*I miss my job! I miss being "Jessica" eight hours a day instead of Mama 24/7.*


3. Hating your husband now and then.

*There are several things I hate about him now and then. Like that he does get to leave the house*


4. Still not wanting sex -- way, way, way after your six-week checkup.

*Okay, so I am just as horny as ever. But really? I am WAY too tired. Also, there is usually spit-up on at least half my body*


5. Not reading to your baby as much as all the experts say you should.

*I don't really read to my babies. I am guilty of that. I read to my son who is 5. But I interact and play hand games with them*


6. Introducing a bottle as soon as you get home from the hospital (even though you're not sure your milk supply is established yet) so you can get some sleep.

*I feel guilty that I did not do this. I struggled and struggled with breastfeeding the twins and was so stressed out that my milk turned watery and the twins where not getting the nutrients they needed.*


7. Supplementing with formula at any time.

*I cried when I had to, but it worked a lot better for us in the end. Mamas who solely breastfeed there twins you are amazing to me!*


8. Lying to the other women in your mommy group about how long your baby sleeps at night (but you will get more sympathy if you tell the truth).

*My babies are better than your babies!*


9. Not keeping up with all the milestones you're supposed to be recording in your baby book.

*Who has time for a baby book?! If something exciting happens I Facebook it. OMG… Who has time for Facebook?!*


10. Never even starting the baby book.

*I am pretty sure I have something in their.*


11. Saying, "Great idea -- I'll try it!" to your mother-in-law's advice when you have absolutely no intention of giving it an iota of thought once she walks out the door.

*I hate mother-in-laws. Or one in particular that thinks that her shit doesn't stink*


12. Telling your partner you're going to the doctor for a checkup when you're actually going for a massage, pedicure, or to have your hair highlighted (it's not like he's going to notice anyway).

*Seriously have contemplated this. Although I think when I would come home relaxed and smelling like oil, he would onder what that doctor is really up to.*


13. Paying cash for your massage/pedicure/highlights so he won't discover the credit card charge.

*Hahahaha… Ok…. I think we have all done something of the sort*


14. Refusing another mom's invitation to a play date because you can't stand it that she can leave crystal on her coffee table and toilet paper on the rollers and her baby doesn't bother any of it.

*I have a feeling those Mama's pull those out for special occasions so that people will think that there children are nicer than mine. Most likely they are.*


15. Feeling a twinge of delight when the above mom's baby still isn't saying any words and yours has a vocabulary of six!

*Ha! When my D was two he had the vocabulary of a five year old. Bitches!*


16. Putting on the Baby Einstein DVD for the third time before lunch so you can apply some makeup because that cute landscaping guy is due to come by and cut your grass sometime this afternoon (just because you don't want to have sex doesn't mean you're dead).

*Ok… So this I feel bad about. Deep down inside my gut I KNOW that the TV is NOT supposed to babysit our children. But I would like to shower at least twice a week.*


17. Wanting to spend Mother's Day alone instead of with your family.

*Please! Is that not what every Mama wants?! To sleep in, maybe breakfast in bed. And then pampering. Without Dad and screaming children!*


18. Going to visit your parents for the weekend because you know they will insist on doing everything for the baby and your mother will cook all your favorite foods for you. (Grandmothers can spoil their own children as well as their grandchildren.)

*Ok… I am not this fortunate. But would it not be lovely?*


19. Napping when the baby naps even though he's nine months old.

*Haha… Yeah. It has been six months, and I nap when they nap. Even though they sleep through the night. Mama's tired damnit!*

20. Driving your baby home from the mall with poop in his diaper because the bathroom is all the way at the other end and you know he couldn't care less anyway.

*I am most likely the number one culprit. If they are not complaining I either will not notice it or wait until we get home. Public restrooms are FILTHY. I am all for children experiencing germs so that they will build up a tolerance. But not potty germs.*


So there is my take. I am just as guilty as the rest of you. I know very few "perfect" Mamas. What matters is our children's opinions of us. In their eyes, we are perfect.

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