Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning 2011


I hate spring. Especially in Oregon. It rains. The pollen makes me ill. D wants to go play outside, but it is the awful weather that makes him think he doesn't need a jacket. So we spend a large percentage of our time indoors until it finally gets nice enough to play outside. This lasts from about Halloween until early April. By the time Spring rolls around our house has been so lived in that the only option there is, is spring cleaning!

This year with our beautiful new additions to the family, I am taking it to the extreme. Usually I will clean out the cupboards and wash down the walls, but this time I am getting my house ORGANIZED. That words scares me. I am usually fairly a little bit organized. But with my days overwhelmed with diaper changes, bottle making and now the added solid food feeding I am falling pretty behind.

Oh… And we moved a month ago today and have not even unpacked the house.

Should I start at the front door and work my way in? Or should I start in the back corner of the house and work all the junk stuff we are giving to Goodwill out the front?

Piles? Boxes? Bonfire?

I think the first step is


Starting in the A&K's room *Which happens to be the farthest from the front door and the least used room* I am going to clean it out and make three piles.

Storage, Goodwill and garbage.

Luckily that room will be the easiest. Next I will do D's room. His terrifies me. No matter how often I clean it, or how many toys I get rid of… His stuff just keeps piling. I will have to make sure he is not home for this one. I plan on getting rid of a lot.

The easy rooms will be the bathroom and the living room. Those are my "clean zones". I refuse to have a mess in either.

The kitchen will be just as hard as D's room. When we picked the house, we did not take into consideration how little storage there is. For fuck goodness sake, our silverware sorter doesn't even fit into the drawers! So everything is spilling everywhere, we have no counter space as it is taken up by my coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven and crock pot. And the only one of those I am willing to sacrifice to the kitchen gods for more space is the toaster oven. Unfortunately Hubby is not willing.


So here I go… Off on the crazy adventure that is Spring Cleaning.

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An Ivory Beauty said...

Good Luck! I am going to be doing more sorting too!