Monday, February 28, 2011

Rubbabu - An Interesting Toy Review


I think before I start rambling like usually you should hear a little bit from the company themselves and maybe you will see why I am thrilled why a company like this exists.

"Rubbabu's handmade natural foam toys in simple shapes and bright colors are loved by kids and parents alike.

Soft and safe for even the youngest children, tactile and bendable, they offer endless play value and learning.

Rubbabu toys encourage imaginative play. They are strong and durable, one of those toys that become a child's favorite companion for many years."

Short and sweet, but a lot of meaning. They sent me two different toys, an Alphabet Magnet Set and Tugboat. Both are so very soft, bright and squishy. But very durable.

When we received the toys, my oldest like always was thrilled that we had gotten another package in the mail. We tore into it like normal examining the toys with awe… I let him pick the one we would donate, which initiated a struggle. I do not think that five years have the brain build for decision making yet. We eventually decided on the tugboat. After setting that aside we got out the Alphabet Magnet Setset and start laying them out to say our ABC's. Trying to spell words without enough vowels. While he was laying them out on the ground I was reading over the packaging… Not for children under three?! Why would these NOT be suitable for children under three?! This is no possible pieces to break off, and there are no sharp edges. WHAT?! Magnetic pieces?! AWESOME! I felt like an idiot. I had to pry them from D's cold dead fingers to get them to the fridge. And Oh My Gosh! They are so much better than the standard fridge magnets. Bigger, much easier to read and soft!

The downside? They take up A LOT of room on the fridge. We have found a little bucket for them, and they have to come down when we are done or they get knocked off and stepped on. They are not terribly hard to clean but I try to keep what I have to actually do to a minimal.

The tugboat is pretty cool too. Soft, bright colored and squishy. It comes in this amazing neon green color that I seem to have an attraction to lately. I think it is my mind aching for spring to come. I am hoping the child that comes across it at Vina Moses will enjoy and appreciate it as much as we did!
All in all I think that Rubbabu is an amazing company with amazing toys. There toys are made from natural rubber without cutting down trees. Being from western Oregon I am a big appreciator of that. It's one of the many things I know is necessary as it is a huge industry, but why use it when you do not absolutely have to!?


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Visit their website, follow them, like them then come back and tell me what you think!

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