Sunday, February 27, 2011


Oh my have I neglected my blog. So many reviews to write, so little time to write them in. We are officially moved out. It took us about a week. The amount of SHIT we accumulated while we where living in a bigger place took hold of our balls and gave us a swift kick in them. Now with little room and a lot of stuff, it is going to take us a while to get it sorted out.

My one complaint about our new place - very little kitchen storage! I am talking one cupbaord for dishes, one cupboard for food, an under the stove storage for pots and pans and a few drawers That DO NOT fit my damned silverware caddy in them! Next on my purchase list - some nice shelves for storage. I love cooking. I love eating. There is NO room to do either right now and it is driving me literally insane!

Alright... Well here I go... Off to try a local church. If I hate it I will travel to the nearest Dox church.

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