Friday, February 4, 2011

My Hands Hurt :-(


My hands hurt today. I have found that extreme cold and extreme heat both have a HUGE negative impact on my arthritis.


Here in Oregon we are going through a cold spell. Being the dumbasses that we are, we are trying to conserve a little energy.

Yeah… So let's NOT set our BROKEN thermostat above 70 degrees and see who's fingers turn blue first!

Mine are definitely there.

Little D is wearing clothes indoor's for the first time since god knows when. *He has been an undie boy since we stopped letting him run around naked.*

I have the babies wearing so much clothing that they are going to have heat strokes.

And hubby… Dear hubby… Is sleeping. Naked. Half un-covered. Comfortable as sin.

And I have to pack! What kind of bullshit is this.

Who in their right mind would do this to themselves.

I am wishing really hard for coupons to the gas company.





So it is not going to happen.

Any ideas on how to make enough money to heat the god damned house?!

Oh snap! I could start a fire! In my wood stove respectivly.

Now… To find something to burn!

LMFAO! The table! The dressers! The couch!

Ok. So I turned the heat up just a little. We are not burning furniture.

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