Friday, December 31, 2010

Rethinking Resolutions.

Every year there are several resolutions that go through my mind: Lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier, excersize more, schedule my days. But none of that is really me. I don't need to lose weight. *I am 5' and a buck fifteen* I don't really smoke. I would call is social smoking, girls night out and someone lights a ciggerette, I have a couple drags. I could start to eat healthier, but damnit! I love my HoHo's! It's too cold right now to excersize, so can't that be my spring resolution? And with twinfants, it is impossible to schedule my days.

So maybe this is why I have always had trouble keeping my resolutions, they have not been worth keeping. Last year it was to cook more often. What kind of serious crap is that?! I am a Mama. I cook breakfast lunch and dinner. How in the  H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks can I cook more than that?! Make my own bread and noodles?! The year before that I was a chain smoker, that was my resolution and I went neurotic for a couple months trying to quit becvause it was my resolution DAMNIT! And now I realize that there should not be any real pressure. Why is there one day out of the whole year that we have to pick something and promise ourselves that we will do this one thing, forever. Why not have a July resolution. Or a birthday resolution *For me that would be a New Years resolution anyways, my birthday is on the 2nd*. 

So out of all the resolutions I could have this year, there will not be one. It is tempting though. How about living a no pressure lifestyle? No pressure to be the perfect mom, no pressure to cook the perfect dinner, no pressure to excersized daily and no pressure to eat right. How about just being myself this year, and not trying to live up to anyones bogus expectations? Especially my own?

And with that, re-think your resolutions. Are they truelly something that is you? Or are they going to be something that in the long run will hurt you because you could not up-hold your promise to yourself.

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