Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Dig - Rock Treasures Kit Review

Little D was terribly excited to receive a package in the mail just for him. Ebeanstalk had sent one of their 5 year old toys just for him! He was delighted to find a I Dig Rock Treasures Kit. And could only imagine the possibilities buried in this "treasure brick" *he re-named it*.
It took us a while to get set up for it, covering the kitchen table in our art-table cloth and getting our play clothes on.
Then we dug in.
And dug.
And dug.
It took him a while to get a technique the worked well for him *A kitchen spoon and water*. The tools provided worked well for me to help him out. His five year old fingers and the tools would not cooperate. My favorite thing about the I Dig Rock Treasures Kit  is that you can incorporate it easily in a home-schooling lesson, or it can just be a fun activity for  the budding geologist in your life.
Overall it was short lived fun, and the girls have plans for the treasures they found, it involves a long day with a dremmel and some string.

Ebeanstalk has a great selection of baby toys and kid toys for Christmas or any occasion. Check them out and tell me what you think!

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