Friday, September 7, 2012

Salt & Straw - A Portland Outsiders Review

Tucked away on 23rd a few blocks south of Lovejoy there is a little corner shop named Salt & Straw. My first experience was all to quick, I was able to steal a quick bite of my sisters Chocolate With Gooey Brownies. My mouth instantly fell in love. The cold and smooth ice cream with a brittle milk chocolate flavor and huge bursts of dense and gooey chocolate brownies. That was before I stepped inside the experience that is Salt & Straw.

Katie's First Salt & Straw

It feels like vintage farm house meets Portland. The servers are bright, cheerful and an eclectic bunch themselves. You can stop by in the morning for a perfectly pulled shot and some quiet newspaper reading or you can come in the afternoon and believe me, the line will wrap around to Kearney, but the wait is well worth it. Buy a pint and you can skip the line, or wait your turn and they will patiently let you sample the ice-cream while you decide which one best suits your mood.

My favorite? The Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons. I do, as before mentioned, recommend waiting in line. There are a few flavors that are there permanently, but they are made fresh so the consistency is different. I have had the Sea Salt several times, and sometimes it is more salty or has more caramel.

Did I mention the best part yet? It's within walking distance from Nana's!

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