Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To - Dalek TuTu and Helmet

Tree weeks ago, I had very little idea who and what exactly Doctor Who is. Now, thanks to my beautiful sisters, I am partial expert.

Living in the ever partying Portland, my mom and sisters were planning to attend the Doctor Who party of the year. The season premiere party. There was numerous festivities, the most coveted was the costume contest. Spoilers. ( Did I do that right Doctor fans? )

Now, costumes are hard to find and when you do, they are expensive and never fit right. For C's we decided on a TuTu version of a Dalek.


1 large can of silver spray paint
10-20 squishy foam balls
1 yard of elastic
10 yards of tule ( more if you want a thicker tutu )
Hot glue gun & sticks
Duct tape
Black tights
Black form fitting shirt
Head fitting bowl
Medium paper cups
Tap on tap off light

Note: You can find most of these supplies at Dollar Tree, so stop there before heading to Jo-Ann's.

Step 1: Using bread knife, cut all foam balls in half. Lay out and spray a thin layer of paint over balls. This will take several coats of thin paint. If you sort thick, it will eat at the foam and we want shiny "eggs" not melty ones. Also, generously cover the two cups and bowl in paint. Allow time to dry.

Step 2: Make TuTu following these directions. Or find your favorite tutorial, and make away.

Step 3: Once "eggs" are dry, glue around TuTu in a lined pattern.

Hint: When working with hot glue, don't let small children in the room. You will get burned while paying attention to them trying to ensure they won't get burnt. Also, try to keep the glue to the outer edges of the half balls, otherwise they will sag and not look pretty.

Step 4: The hat! Glue one cup on each side, and the light in the front center.

Step 5: Once you are dressed in your new and AMAZING Dalek costume for the night, take duct tape and line your shirt with it. Whatever pattern or shape you like will do, C chose simple lines.

Step 6: Win the costume contest!

In conclusion, C & K both won the costume contest! Our Dalek in 1st place and Amelia Pond in 2nd. They had some amazing costumes and had a wonderful time! Also, my Mommy made a pretty awesome River Song!

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