Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fancy Subscription

Oh damn... I have done it again. These monthly subscriptions get me all the time. Except this one is special... It's Fancy! I am sure you have heard the buzz around the internet about this Fancy website. It is actually a secret hobby of mine. I sit with my iPhone in hand and my consumerist heart pumping. My eye's burning and unable to shut, day dreaming of all of the Fancy things that I could own. The epic Spa bathrooms and the ultimate vacation spots dance in my dreams while my iPhone case that glitters now is looking dull.

So I did it... I subscribed. The promise that for only $30 a month, you will get a box of swag that is most Fancy'ed by the community worth over $60 was too intriguing. I HAD to do it. So I did.

So shortly after I placed by Fancy order, I received an email.

"Hi Jessica,

Thank you very much for your purchase of the Fancy Box! Fancy Box is Fancy's monthly subscription service that provides $60+ worth of goods for only $30 per month.

To help our curators identify the best products to send to you each month, please reply to this email and let us know:

1) your gender
2) your t-shirt size
3) which of the following two categories of goods you would like in your Fancy Box:

• Men's
• Women's
• Home
• Gadgets
• Media

By purchasing this item and replying to this email, you hereby consent to a $30 monthly fee for the Fancy Box. You will be charged on the first of the applicable calendar month and each order will be shipped on the 15th of that month. Subscription may be cancelled by emailing Fancy's Customer Service Team at prior to the 1st of the calendar month for which you intend to cancel your subscription. Please include your Fancy order number in your email.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Customer Service Team Your Fancy order number is: *****

Thank you for subscribing to the Fancy Box!

Team Fancy"

Seemed simple enough, but I still had a few questions. Once you pick two categories, are you locked in for life? How often can you change them and by what date? The most important question... When will I get my freaking Fancy Box? 

Well... There is not a September box. Even though we all paid in September, we will have to wait until October 15th for ours to be shipped. Which is ok. You can change catagories. I currently have Women's and Gadgets. (I have been scouring these two categories trying to figure out what could possibly be in this fantastic Fancy Box?! The anticipation is killing me...) I have the ability to change categories by the first of the month that the next box ships. Example: If I want something for my husband in November, I have to change the category by November 1st so the box that ships on November 15th will have a Mens category. Also, if I want to cancel, the same applies. 

Hope this helps all you Fancy people out there that have also ordered or are planning to order! 

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