Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Help! Back to school! Eeek!

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Ahh... It is that dreaded time of year for most parents... Getting ready for back to school. This year is my first back to school, and it is scary. I have been preparing like crazy - Going over board with school supplies, checking the latest clothes trends and cheapest deals...

But it all boils down to the fact that I am not a veteren mom, this is a first and a scary first at that.

Here are some tips that I picked up from a few veteren mom's this summer that eased my mind -

1. This back to school is the first of many. Don't over do yourself and get anxious, it WILL rub off on your kid making him more likely to not want to go.

2. Store up on coupons for school supplies during the summer then purchase them in september when they go on clearance. Any freebies STOCK UP ON! They don't expire and you can use them in years to come.

3. Skip the hair cut and the fancy clothes. Save it for picture day. You want your child to be comfortable.

4. Don't leave until they are ready for you to leave. But once they are ready, LEAVE! Most kindergartens will allow a parent to stick around for a while.

5. Make sure everything is labeled with your child's name. Coats, backpacks, lunchboxes etc. Kids have an amazing tendancy to lose things. Make sure you know where the lost and found is.

And there it is. Do you have any advice for a rookie mom? Are all of these other mom's crazy and should I be doing this totally different?!


Joke... I did. Way earlier than I should have... But still. I want to be prepared for this big day!

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