Friday, July 8, 2011

Beaba Bib'expresso - A Clever Review

Like always, my reviews begin with something along the lines of "I was excited when…" or  "I am so excited to tell you…"

And this is another exciting moment!

Having twins, nothing comes easy. That's why I was thrilled to find out that I got picked to review Beaba's Bib'expresso! Oh, it seemed like forever that I had to wait for it to come in the mail then one day my sweet Fedex guy comes with yet another package. But this time… YES! It is! Oh my little life saver in a pretty green box, with an even prettier green - for lack of better words - bottle maker inside!

Over the past month or so, my Bib'expresso and I have gotten to know one another very well.  Although frustrating at first, the perfect bottle temperatures are worth it. For months my twins and I have fought over how warm or cold there bottles should be. If they were not perfect breast milk temp. they would not take them. It does several other nifty things as well, sterilizes bottles, warms breast milk, warms baby food and just look's darn nifty on your counter!

I have come up with several new uses for it as well! The most popular being warming water for D's "Not So Hot Cocoa". Works wonders!

Here is a little from the company themselves -

With the Bib'expresso it is now possible to prepare a bottle in a few seconds, with just one hand and be certain it is at the perfect temperature for baby. The Bib'expresso's unique water flow mixes powdered formula quickly, reducing air bubbles and eliminating hot spots. Product comes with a compact, removable bottle and food warmer that can be used to heat food jars and prepared bottles of breast milk and formula. And, the bottle storage compartment located on the back of unit doubles as a microwavable bottle sterilizer, holding up to three 10 ounce (300 ml) bottles. With a self cleaning steam system, you save time and the Bib'expresso is sterilized for future use.
  • Bottle preparation in 30 seconds.
  • Safe - The bottle is always at the right temperature thanks to direct water control
  • Practical - direct water flow mixes the powder formula and helps ensure more even temperature
  • Easy to Use - just one hand required to prepare the bottle
  • Removable, ultra-compact bottle and food warmer can be used anywhere
  • Microwavable sterilizer/bottle storage compartment included. Can hold up to three 10 ounce (300 ml) bottles. Protects sterilized bottles from light and dust and keeps them handy and ready to use when preparing baby's bottle.
  • Self-cleaning steam system for in-depth cleaning of the device.
  • Product can be used after baby for preparing beverages with hot water such as tea and hot cocoa.
  • BPA-free.
  • Colors available: Sorbet.

Where to purchase - ARV 149.00

And many other fine retailers!

To end this fine post, I would just like to that Beaba and The Clever Girls Collective for making the past month a little easier on me with this wonderful opportunity to review such an innovative product!

Béaba provided me with a Bib'expresso to review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Béaba, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.


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hannah said...

The Bib'expresso is incredible, I really, really want to buy one now. Beaba products are really well made ... sigh :)