Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Peanut Shell - A Review

While the twins are sleeping blissfully, I thought I would take my time with this review. It is one thing that I believe all parents should own. It keeps dirty nasty germs at bay, and is pretty darn cute while it is hard at work.

The Peanut Shell sent me a lovely shopping cart cover a while back, and I must say, it was pretty darned cute! The print I chose was Mudd Pie
Not only are they easy to grab and throw over the cart, but they also fold up in to this cute little clutch. They fit nicely in to a diaper bag, unlike my "generic " which just tends to float around the back seat of my Taurus.

I took this baby for a test drive last weekend during my first major coupon haul, and boy did it pass the test.

Safeway - Fit easily over the cart, no adjusting during shopping, no baby slipping and folded back up nicely.

Mega Foods - The smaller carts made for a little fabric bunching, but stayed in place, no problems.

KMART - Same cart design as Safeway but had some trouble getting bigger seat belts through holes. Took a minute, but still easier than "generic ".

Freddy's - No problems.

Costco - Didnt work. Lol - They have double seats.

So No troubles, pretty, easy to use, and machine washable.

Here is what The Peanut Shell has to say:


Just because your life has changed, doesn't mean you have.

We appreciate that after welcoming your baby into your life, you are still the same 'you' that you have always been yet, perhaps even more remarkable and we design our products to reflect that.

Our greatest ambition is to create chic and sensible products for the eclectic mom.

Core Values

We believe in...

Fashion above all else...

You didn't abandon your sense of style for motherhood; you carried it with you. And, The Peanut Shell is right by your side with chic product designs for carrying and nurturing your peanut. Call us confident, but we know how to pick our fabrics and patterns. We aim to set trends in fashion rather than follow them. Fashion is our passion, so it is a joy to bring you the most innovative, creative and chic prints and designs available.

Sensibility without a doubt...

As a parent, you have adjusted so much in your life. The Peanut Shell's goal is to adjust to you rather than add something else to your already overflowing plate. We create smart, quality products that are made to fit you and adjust to your growing baby's needs. Our objective is to make your life on the go as effortless as possible through functional, clever design.

Charisma that goes a long way...

You don't leave anything on the table and neither do we. The Peanut Shell believes in incorporating its unique perspective into its product designs. We believe our products uniquely express our fun loving, spirited and compassionate attitudes and we are proud to bring these qualities to you.

Beautifully written! They also have AMAZING nursing covers, the CUTEST car seat covers and a new hospital gown just for Mama, among many other wonderful products.


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