Monday, August 6, 2012

Keep Valuables Safe This School Year

With another school year upon us, one of the few important things on my mind is how are we going to keep the valuables safe when the kids take them to school? Lockers, cubbies and desks are often shared, so how?

I keep a tight rope on my son and watch carefully what he takes to and from school and often, he takes his DSi. I am not a very happy mom when he does, but if it is a rainy day and they are having indoor recess I let it slide.

How do we keep it safe while school is in session?

Tell the teacher! It is simple, all the schools have a no cell phones or electronics during class policy. The teachers are more than happy to throw a DSi or a cell phone in there drawer during class to keep it safe.

But, if your kid is not willing to cough it up for the teacher, you may want to check out Master Lock's line of awesome back to school gear!

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