Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gutzy Gear - House Party

Have you heard of Gutzy Gear yet? We had no idea what it was until we got an awesome chance to host a Gutzy Gear party for the kids in our mommy group. They had a blast! This was there first party that focused on a product instead of a birthday kid, so there was a little confusion. But all in all it went over pretty well. Especially when they found out they get to take home there own Gutzy Gear straps and patches!

D Proudly Sporting His New Gutzy Gear

It was a great day, filled with games and smiles along with a tantrum or two. But we made it through and were all smiling in the end. 

Want more information on Gutzy Gear? Check out there website: http://www.gutzygear.com which is very kid friendly. Not only can you collect Gutzy Gear for your back pack, but you can also build an online collection.

This was a party sponsored by MomSelect and Maria Bailey, all opinions expressed are indeed my own.

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