Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am a terrible mother.

According to my six year old.

Conversation -

Me - *walks in to the kitchen to load dishwasher leaving D with the twins*

David - Mom, you are a horrible mother.

Me - *storms in to the living room* If you think I am a horrible mother, I will act like one. Go to your room and do not come out.

David - *horror in his eyes* But mom I didn't mean to say that!!!

Me - You didn't mean NOT to!!

David - *goes to room screaming tantrum ensues*

All I could think was, dear lord I have turned in to my mother! But I did not think she was horrible until I was at least nine! *sorry mommy!*

That and I used to HATE it when she told me that I did not mean to not do something. Whatever it was at the moment had sure as shit felt like an accident.

Bringing us to now, I have taken all of my spoiled child's privileges away. Computer. TV. DS. The whole none yards. He can play outside or build his Legos, but he is so focused and do upset about the ones he lost that he has forgotten about all the other fun things he can do.

Poor kid is still crying about it. If he just would come in here with a sincere apology he may in fact earn something back!

That however is something he will have to figure out on his own.

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