Thursday, January 5, 2012



I have so much to do. 

Organize and stay organized. Simplify life. 

That was supposed to be my New Years resolution. As well as blog daily. Make good habits, break the bad. 

Instead... I am dreading even stepping foot in to my living room. The kids "play area". 

Problem - Having a play area that is also my living space. 

Solution - Unknown. 

It is simply chaos in there. 

I believe I am going to start at the front door and work my way through. First getting everything out that does not belong. 

I am thinking that nothing belongs other than my butt on the couch watching Live! With Kelly! 

Some toys can stay, but not what we call "chokies" that will end up in sheer destruction of my twins. 

The toys... Well if D does not want to put them away when he gets home, they will just get donated. 

My couches scare me. That's what would be next. I think they wake up at night and eat things. I once found an entire bag of chips and a glass cup in there mixed in with the Lego's that inevitably end up in there. 

Here is to hoping something gets done today! 

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