Saturday, October 6, 2012

True Story

True story... My kid is a cannibal.

So we all know that teaching your children to speak has it's perks. In my house, it's laughing hysterically inside when they say a bad word or my heart warming when they say "I love you". It also has it's downfalls. You know... When they say "Oh F*ck!" around people that they should not or they start telling you "No!".

All in good time they will learn the words to say and not to say, but in the mean time I need to start using Spongebob words when I stub my toes or burn dinner.

Oh wait... This had a point...

This morning when I woke up to screaming in the twins room, it quickly came to my attention that Kay had bit Aaron. When I asked him why, he quickly replied "Chicken!".

WHAT!? Chicken!? Aaron is not your pre-breakfast snack!

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