Sunday, July 15, 2012

Copy Kids & Steps 4 Kids DVD Giveaway!

DVD Copy-Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables
First up we have a Review of:

Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables DVD 

Of course having 8 children aged 1-17 I know how much kids love to copy.  We can see that from Matthew who is 1 when he watches his 3 year old twin brother and sister.  He copies all they do. This DVD takes advantage of that fact as the kids eat healthy Fruits and Vegetables. Not only did the babies love watching this movie but the older kids actually watched it too. I have to admit that even mom was craving fresh fruits and veggies by the end.

The second time we watched it I served cut up apples, red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers and cucumbers. For mom and dad we sprinkled Garlic salt with parsley onto the cucumbers. The kids ate everything fresh with no dipping sauce. 

They loved to  copy the kids. I read that they are planning other copy kids DVDs also. The next ones are planned to have topics such as  how to tie their shoes, brush their teeth, exercise as well as letter and number recognition and more healthy eating... all taught by kids. 

For the parents there is an interview with pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP.  Dr. Gordon is the author of Good Food Today, Great Food Tomorrow. You can find a lot of valuable information on his website as well.

Next  up  we have a Steps 4 Kids to Draw DVD. The older 
kids said this was too childish for them but actually ended  up liking it. You can let it play through and watch it or pick through the menu to find what you want to draw.  There are many items to draw in it animals, Vehicles, houses and more. The pictures are simple drawings and great for my 3-8 year old children to start out with. It does spark the imagination of the older children and even Mommy and Daddy. If you seen my page of Free Things To Do with Kids you may have noticed Art on the list. Watching a video and drawing what they see has kept my kids busy many summer days. Steps 4 Kids also has a variety of other learning videos that you can purchase on their web site. 

Use Coupon code blogn30 to get 30% off of a $10 or more purchase at Steps 4 Kids.

 I am very interested to see the movies that both of these companies  produce next. 
 One lucky winner will win a copy of both of these DVD's.

Disclosure: Missy from was given a copy of these DVD's in exchange for her honest opinion. She will ship one and the other will be shipped out by another company.

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