Sunday, June 10, 2012

Words My Children Say Incorrectly... Blog Dare 2012

While the twins are starting to talk, guessing their words can be... Hard. I am so proud of them though, so many new words come pouring out of their mouths daily. This morning during our FaceTime with Nana, Auntie Katie got on the phone and suddenly K spouts off with "Kayki". It was too cute. Of course, Auntie Chelsea was pretty offended by this.

The hard part of this, is that we try to speak to them using "grown-up" words. No baby talk or babble.

Some of the words they have started to say, have snuck there way in to our vocabulary...

Cheecho - Cheerio's

Tippy - Sippy Cup

Mote - Remote *We still say Gamote, from when my oldest was starting to talk*

Ya Ya - This is K's way of referring to D, our oldest.

NumNuz - This is the funniest to me, because it sounds like an insult. What A is trying to say is num-       nums for snack. K can say it perfectly so we just stick to saying num-nums and he will get it eventually.

We encourage them to use their words, clap and sing hooray when they have a new one but some of them just stump me. Like "guck". It seems to be the twins go to word. It can mean stuck or I want that maybe it just means I am bored and need to say something.

They will get it eventually, and it they don't... Well we will have to create a new language just for them.

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