Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Ultimate Family Room

Oh. My. Goodness! After six years of parenting, I finally get to put together a family room. You see... It really is a long story, but we are moving to my Mommies *almost* vacant house. In the very back of the house, there is a giant room that she calls the studio. We are going to section it off, use the smaller portion for the twins room, the bigger for the family room. I want to create the ultimate toddler/man/mom cave. This may be harder than I thought, but with a little help from our sponsors, followers and as always a few giveaways, we will achieve!

Step 1  - Build a baby-proof wall. I have built one before, with some help. It was not all that hard. A 4x4 frame with a particle board cover. Finding the right height may be a problem. It needs to be short enough for my to see over, but tall enough for the twins to NOT climb over. Also, I have chalkboard paint that I may use for the wall. It will be great for pre-school activities and fun for the twins and D.

I am too excited to have this space for our kids. They are going to LOVE it!

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