Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunburns and Misery Go Hand in Hand

Yesterday's picture of a sunburn I got two and a half weeks ago.

You see that? Yeah... That's most likely more than you want to see... My books, my blanket, my husband nasty wound on the top of his nasty foot, my dresser.... Oh! And my back. 

This particular photo is a reminder to all you fair skinned red heads like me, to wear sunblock. A lot of it actually. And do not try to use your friends SPF 2 dry tanning oil. Or you will have to do several embarrassing things like go to your six year olds pediatric appointment wearing a tub top and no bra because the feeling of any type of fabric on your back literally makes you want to hold up a pharmacy for any and all pain killers. 

That was no fun.

So rewind two and half weeks ago, and it was garage sale day. Fun in the sun with the family. The day went pretty good. Until I got home and realized that from mid back up, I could not move. I could not even cough without crying. I went through more than 16oz of aloe, was drinking a gallon of water a day and was trying every trick I could find online. I even went out and bought black tea and soaked in a cold bath of it. 

Ridiculous. I can not tell you the amount of pain I was in. 

My husband says that in certain spots it looks like someone to a lighter to my back and there is literally scabbing, bleeding and blistering still. I don't think you can see much of it in the picture. But again, if you are fair skinned or have red hair ( because this apparently means that you are a natural born enemy of the sun and if you come in direct contact with it, you will surely be punished. ) for the love of god go buy some SPF 75 and lather it all over yourself. I know I am going to be bumming around town this summer so coated I will look like I am a ghost. 

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