Thursday, June 21, 2012

In High School, I... Blog Dare 2012

In High School, I was sitting on the bleachers between the love of my life's legs. Eyes shut, letting the sun warm my skin. Feeling comfortable, secure and in love. I was surrounded by the people, who understood me, who loved me and I loved them. We thought we had been placed in to the wrong families. We where meant to be sisters. We had our lives built around this moment of perfection.

I can't explain in words the happiness I felt in exactly that moment, but I swear that if I close my eyes for just a second, I am there. In his arms, giggling with my girlfriends with the sun warming me to the core.

Although the words for feelings are not there, I can explain the importance of this memory. Until recently, it was the last time I had felt truly secure in life, love and in myself. Shortly after this memory life changed a lot for my family and I. We left the comfort of our small college town for bigger and better adventures. I went from going to a high school with 711 students to one with over 1500. My world came crashing down. The boy I was madly in love with, fell in love with someone else after I left. My girlfriends and I slowly drifted apart and I was stuck 800 miles away. Alone. Then, I did a lot of things in High School. I skipped class, I failed and I got pregnant. I was the poster child for the MTV series Teen Mom. 

Although I am now in a wonderful spot in my life, sometimes I still need to close my eyes and breath for a second. I take myself back to that moment of sheer perfection.

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