Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dad Says... Waking up with the kids

My wife, likes to wake me up. Here I am laying in bed when I hear her say "Let's go give Daddy kisses". Oh crap, here we go again.

The twins run giggling in to the room clambering on to the bed. I can't throw the pillow over my head fast enough. A has his finger in my nose proclaiming "Nose! Nose!" K grabbed the remote and is hitting me on the shoulder "DatDat! Aik UP!" My wife get's them off of me, but as soon as I roll over I get a heel form A in the chin and K is now poking me in the ear "Eeww" he says.

I get the picture as she sits their laughing. She wants me out of bed. "We need milk" she says. I knew there was a reason for this crude awakening. Grumbling in my head I kiss them on the forehead as I make my way off the bed and get ready for my day.

What kind of monsters am I living with!?

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