Friday, June 8, 2012

Blog Dare 2012 - It almost ruined my...

So, you may not know that this man that I have been calling my husband for a few years now, just became my husband.

We decided to *literally, we had a knot tying ceremony* tie the knot.

But... We had two weeks to plan. My mom was leaving the country, the place we wanted was magically open the weekend before she left, so it was CRUNCH time.

Dress - Not a problem, first one I tried on, I fell in love with.

Catering - No problem, simple cocktail wedding with a champaign toast.

Decorations - We did not use them.

Cupcakes - HUGE PROBLEM!

We did not have a super tight budget, but still did not want to spend too much. I spent a week specifically calling all the bakeries I could to figure out flavors, sizes and decorations. I finally decided on a really popular bakery downtown. When I spoke with the cake decorator I told her my colors, cream and gold. I told her I wanted simple flowers, chocolate and vanilla with butter cream frosting.

When our conversation was over, I took a huge sigh of relief. The one thing other than my dress, that I was nervous about; was taken care of.

Fast forward to my wedding day. I woke up on the right side of the bed, got the kids fancied up, left for hair and make-up and hunkered down at my mom's house waiting for time to tick. When my bonus-dad showed up from picking the cupcakes I heart broke. He carried in a a box that was about three feet by four feet. I thought this was odd because we only ordered 38 cupcakes. I carefully opened the box to peak in.

They where ugly.

They were ruined.

The bridezilla that I had not let out was starting to kick down the door. I took a deep breath and walked away.

I told my mom, who was fuming, that it is not that big of a deal. They are just going to get eaten anyways. I told my sisters that I was furious, but it's okay, today is not about cupcakes.

Bridezilla was starting to take a screw driver to the hinges, that b**** was almost out.

It almost ruined my wedding day.

These are the wedding day saving, amazing cupcakes!
Miraculously enough, my mom had ordered cupcakes earlier that week as well. She was told that the bakers are pot heads and she should cancel her order. She forgot to. They gave her a call a couple hours before my wedding letting her know they are ready. They were beautiful, absolutely delicious and I will continue to be a repeat customer.

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